FT86 Speed Factory Understands Delightful Packaging

Photo of Laffy Taffy candy that was included with the FT86 merchandise

Now this is how how to delight customers without hurting your profits. I ordered this inset plaque for the center console of my car–it covers up a bare space where the seat heater switches would go if my car had them–and FT86 Speed Factory not only shipped the part to me very quickly, but when I opened the package I was happy to see classic fun candy Laffy Taffy included as a surprise. It’s whimsical, it’s imaginative, it’s low cost, it’s delicious, and I appreciated theĀ  effort. Also note that they include a very clearly written warning to inspect all parts before installing them if one has doubts (to speed the return process if needed).

Great packaging makes the unboxing experience for even a simple car part fun.