Hi folks, Tim here. As soon as I can find the old photographs from the early days, I will complete this section. Text without photos would be boring!

For now, here’s a picture of Tom Brinck and me recording in that first year. That’s the original Country Squire Studio! Actually those are the outbuildings in the photo. The house, where we usually recorded, would be up the hill to the left.
Photo of Tim and Tom in the back yard of the original Country Squire Studio

Here’s a snap of us presenting at World Usability Day at Michigan State University in 2006 or 7. Yes, the album art was a photo of both our shoes. Some people thought it symbolized the intersection of companies with their customers, and others just knew those were our real shoes.
Tim and Tom on stage at World Usability Day in front of the slide for the podcast's album art.

More history here as soon as I can track it down.