Critique: EFI-X V1 Hackintosh Boot Processing Unit-The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Doug Jung joins Tim for a discussion of the Macintosh they built with the EFI-X V1 boot processing unit. The product enables the building of your own custom Macintosh and works somewhat as advertised, but reputed poor durability and consistently poor customer service from Art Studios Entertainment Media ruin what could have been a terrific customer experience. We even have a Fawlty Towers clip to illustrate ASEM’s customer service style.

You can find pictures of the V1 at the symbolically unusable EFI-X website on
(we’re so disgusted with EFI-X that we won’t directly link to them, you’ll have to type the address manually)

Unfortunately, you must register on the forums to read the complaints customers are having with the unit’s fragile nature and ASEM’s astounding indifference to the many valid criticisms of the product.

To read alternate, and in our opinion more accurate, information about the EFI-X V1 and V1.1, and to find possible alternatives, go to

Email from listener Alan closes the episode.

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