Critique: iRiver IFP Series of MP3 Player/Recorders

Photos of iRiver IFP 700 and 800

What happens when a secondary function of a product is so good that it becomes the primary reason for purchase among a customer demographic? Tim is joined by special guests Mike and Keith for a discussion of iRiver’s IFP-800 (top of photo) and IFP-700 series (bottom) of digital audio players/recorders. iRiver designed the MP3 recording for these units so well that many people use them purely as portable MP3 recorders, not players.

iRiver also created two form factors for one product with the IFP series, so we discuss each industrial designs’ relative merits. As always, you can find pictures of the designs discussed at (Note: the wide angle lens made the 700 look wider than the 800. It isn’t.)

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