Interview: Teaching Software Engineers at Michigan Tech

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Tim and Tom discuss the Speaking of Software project at Michigan Tech and interview professors Chuck Wallace, Bob Johnson, and Ann Brady about improving the training of software engineers at the undergraduate level. If you’re an educator or industry professional curious about innovations in teaching software engineering, this episode is for you.

Before you listen to the interview, we encourage you to read the article as published in Technical Communication, Volume 53, Number 3, August 2006, pp. 317-325. Unfortunately, as of this writing the Society for Technical Communication does not sell this article online. If you do not subscribe to the journal, check a local college library.

Ann, Bob, and Chuck would like to hear from you. Replace [AT] with the @ sign (and eliminate spaces on either side) to send them email at the addresses below.
Ann: mabrady [AT]
Bob: rrjohnso [AT]
Chuck: wallace [AT]

The project’s website (and this summer’s Chautauqua invitation) is at

Read some history of the Chautauqua Movement at

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