Interview: Podcasting About Usability with Tim & Tom Part 1 (video)

Tim and Tom on stage at World Usability Day in front of the slide for the podcast's album art. Watch Tim and Tom at World Usability Day 2006 on the campus of Michigan State University. In part 1 of 2, Tim relates Design Critique’s origin and purpose, and issues a call for more user experience-related podcasts. Tom begins his discussion on the usability and accessibility of podcasts themselves. Part 2 should be up in another day or so. The following free software can play this MPEG-4 video file. VLC Media Player for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux: QuickTime Player for Macintosh and Windows: Tech stuff: We got a miniDV copy from the original DVCAM master and have tried to balance resolution (which was a bit grainy from our miniDV copy) with file size constraints.

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